Mashaf-Tech was founded by a group of experts who worked closely with Mashaf Technical Supply for years. The company provides development, engineering, production, and assembly services to Israeli and international clients.

Mashaf-Tech specializes in designing and manufacturing precision drive systems for various industries, including space, aviation, optics, military equipment, and automobiles. In addition to metal and plastic parts, the company uses a variety of production technologies both locally and abroad.

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Overview of the service
Daniel Sherwin and his team specialize in creating high precision movement systems and electro-mechanical elements for various customer needs. They use unique movement technologies that can withstand extreme conditions such as high pressure, different temperatures, and intense vibrations. They offer end-to-end solutions from initial design, prototyping, testing, to production. Their solutions cater to diverse applications and industries, such as space, aviation, defense, automobiles, and more. They combine engineering, metallurgy, and magnetic skills to deliver value to customers. We handle all aspects of the design process in-house, integrating R&D, engineering, the product portfolio, and final production. Our focus is on accuracy, innovation, high reliability, low cost, and a complete solution.

Motion systems solutions – We create complete moving mechanical systems for the most challenging markets, using multi-environmental experience. Our systems are designed to achieve maximum power and accuracy using minimum volume and cost.

Assembling and manufacturing

From final design to shipment, we offer high-quality manufacturing and assembly services. We work with reliable manufacturers in Israel and around the world to guarantee the quality and delivery time of your products.

Using advanced equipment and techniques, we can handle assembly processes for both single and bulk orders. No matter what size your order is, we can meet your needs, and we can customize your products according to your specifications. Customer satisfaction and competitive prices are our top priorities as we strive to provide you with the best products and services.

Technical Solutions

Looking for fastening solutions to meet your product development or production challenges? Call Mashaf-Tech, one of Israel’s leading expert services. Our fastening experts, led by Asher (Kiki) Frankel, have over 40 years of experience collaborating with top manufacturers.

In addition to screwdriving, riveting and gluing, we provide a wide selection of fastening solutions to ensure the quality and completeness of your product.

The services we provide extend beyond fastening, including on-site implementation, procurement, and planning.

You can rely on Mashaf-Tech for fast, efficient, and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. We can help you elevate your product development or production efforts.